Customer Tab - Overview of Functionality

The customer Tab is very important as this houses your Customer Database, Members, eMail addresses, etc.  We want to collect as detailed information as possible for your Marketing Campaigns and to grow your database to increase your golf course revenue!

1. The Information Tab consists of your essential customer information:  eMail Address, Physical Address, Phone Number, Gender, Birth Date, Status (Active/Inactive).  You can also see if a Customer is a "Member" and tied to a program.   From this Tab, you can Edit a customer, Send Verification eMail and Make inactive/active.  

***Please note - the only required fields for adding a customer are: First Name, Last Name and eMail address, but of course the more information that is gathered the better. Other fields we also recommend filling are: Phone number, Zip Code, & birthdate.***

2. The Accounts Receivable Tab is for viewing A/R Balances.  From this tab you can Edit A/R Status by turning A/R on/off, Send Statements, Transfer A/R balances and Adjust A/R Balances.

3. The Club Credit tab is used for adding, adjusting a Club Credit.  Customer's can purchase Club Credit from this screen and the Course can Adjust Balances here is needed as well. To learn more about Club Credit, PLEASE CLICK HERE!

4. The Programs Tab is used for associating a Membership (Program) to a customer.  The course can view/edit the start date of the Program, the end date of the program and Add Programs from this tab. To learn more about Programs, PLEASE CLICK HERE!

5. The Reservations Tab gives the course the ability to see all Tee Times booked for a customer.  This will entail times played, Unpaid and No Show rounds, as well with the ability to go back and review the reservation on the Tee Sheet.

6. The Transactions Tab shows all "Purchases" for a customer.  You can search by date and last 4 digits of the credit card used.  Once a transaction is found, the course will have the option to process a refund or reprint receipts.

7. The Notes option is located at the Upper right of all tabs of the Customer Screens.  The course can add notes for a customer here.  Example.  Customer always walks, no cart, etc. To learn more about Customer Notes, PLEASE CLICK HERE!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Teesnap Support by emailing us at or calling 844-458-1032.

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