A/R Types: What are they and how they are used?

Setting up A/R types allows you to break out your Accounts Receivable transactions into different segments so it can be broken out for you in Reports. This allows you to see what makes up your Account Receivable total. Example of A/R types are Member Charging, Member Billing, Outing Deposits and Event Deposits. 

To add these A/R types log into the Admin Portal. Once logged in make sure you are on the Property Page. On this page on the right hand side there is a section called A/R Types. Click add next to A/R Types and proceed to enter the title of the A/R type you would like to add.

Once added when enabling someones A/R charging ability in the customers section on the iPad you can click on A/R type and select which type you would like to tie their charging or deposit to. 


The true function of A/R Types are represented when in the AR Customers report. The report will show the allocation of the different Account Receivables being used by a facility. This allows the party responsible a more accurate way of managing liabilities owed to the course and where they are coming from. 

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