Tip Out Procedures

To hide the Tip Out setting, please refer to User Permissions. You can also set up how staff collects tips (cash or check) in the Admin Portal.

Tips can make up a large percentage of an hourly worker’s wages. These tips are taxable income and employees are responsible for reporting them to their employers. Employers are then required to account for those tips and withholdings in the payroll process. Accounting for tips and tipped employees can be a little complicated. Teesnap helps provide multiple options to help account for tips and your tipped employees.  

  1. Tap on the User Options button then select "Tip Out" 

  1. Once selected, you will be shown the amount of tips collected and then select "Submit" to to have them remove the set amount from the cash drawer for their tips. 

  1. You will then be shown confirmation of the above tips have been received by the employee.

***PLEASE NOTE: Tip Outs should be performed BEFORE an employee performs an User Out to avoid a over/under shortage.***


  • For the courses that provide employees tips as part of the payroll process, Teesnap suggests using the Tips Summary to assist reconciling the tips collected. To do so, head over to the Tips Summary that you will be able to find in the Tableau suite of the Admin Portal. 

  • Under Custom Date Range, select the time period that corresponds with the payroll period and then you will be provided the amount that will need to be applied to the employees paycheck.
    • As a further level of accountability, Teesnap recommends printing out a copy of that employee's tips summary for that payroll period, so there are no discrepancies that you will have to challenge. To learn how to print this report, PLEASE CLICK HERE!

If you have any questions at all after reading this article please contact Teesnap Support at support@teesnap.com or at (844)458-1032.

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