F&B Tickets-Setup and Overview

Whether it is sending a receipt ticket for food to the kitchen or drinks to the bar, communication is key and sometimes better when it is automatically sent.  In this help article we will show you how to set up a Fulfillment Center (ie Kitchen or Bar), Ticket-able item, and how it looks within the Teesnap application when it has been sent or completed.

Step 1:  Go to Admin.teesnap.com

Step 2:  Click on Inventory on the left hand column

Step 3:  Click on Fulfillment Centers

Step 4:  Click add in the top right hand corner to create your fulfillment center

Step 5:  Name your Fulfillment Center and Add the products that you would like to be sent to that center when finalized right away or saved in a tab

Step 6:  You can also create the Fulfillment Center, then save and go to your Inventory Products and click on each item individually to make them "Ticket-able." Which at that point you will be asked to choose a Fulfillment center to send the item to after it has been finalized or saved as part of a tab.

Once you have done the steps above you can now move to the Teesnap Application on your iPad to view the fruits of your labor.  Ring in some of the items you just added to the Fulfillment center you created, and save as a tab or finalize.  If you save as a tab you will be able to add more items later, remove items, split the tab or finalize it whenever you are ready.  If you add items and then click on Checkout and Finalize to the correct Payment method, do not worry, all Ticketable products within the Checkout screen that you rang in will be sent to its corresponding Fulfillment Center.

- This is what a tab looks like that you have saved and then went back into to either add more items or finalize.

-The orange/yellow box with a receipt in it means that the item has been sent to the fulfillment center.

-This is the Tickets screen showing what has been sent to the Fulfillment centers that you have.  You may choose the correct Fulfillment center on the top of the screen in the very middle.  You will then be able to select whichever fulfillment center(Bar, Kitchen etc.) that you would like.

-Once you tap on the "Complete" button the Checkout screen will look just like this

Congratulations you have successfully created a fulfillment center and ticketable items within Teesnap!

If you have any questions at all after reading this article please contact the Support Team at (844)458-1032


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