How do I setup GL Codes in the Admin Portal?

There are a number of areas within the GL that individual departments may want to utilize:

  • Journals can be reviewed and updated at any point prior to posting to the General Ledger.


  • Can review actual, budget and encumbrance account balances, for both summary and detailed accounts. You can also "drill down" to see how the detailed balances have been made up, going right back to the AP and AR modules if required.

  • The GL provides many standard reports to allow users to view their accounts in a variety of ways. Note that all of the information in these reports and listings is also available on-line. Reports can also be run retrospectively, allowing users to analyse historic transactions.

Follow the step-by-step guide to add and map your existing GL codes on a categorical level into the Teesnap system. We've included instructions for PC and Mac users alike. The purpose is to make it easier to import your assets and expenses directly into Quickbooks or another Accounting software.

Accounting Admin KC from Teesnap Support on Vimeo.

We recommend reaching out to your Account Manager to ensure everything is set up accurately.

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