Whether it is for dietary restrictions or dealing with a patron with very specific tastes, Modifiers comes in very handy to meet those needs. Depending on how complex your F&B setup is at your facility, you might need to create several Modifier Groups, or just a couple, or none at all. This walk through will explain how to create a Modifier Groups and how to assign products to specific products.


1. To add/edit Modifiers, go to and from the property page, click on the Inventory link in the left column. Then select Modifier Groups. Let’s take a look at the modifier groups we currently have set up. 

Open Temperature by selecting the pencil button to the right. After clicking on the Modifiers tab, we can see five modifiers: Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Medium Well, and Well.

2. Now that we’ve seen a built-out modifier group, let’s build a new one by clicking Add in the top right corner of the Modifiers page. We will name this modifier group Baked Potato Fixings. 

3. Next, let’s click on the Modifiers tab to add our fixings. We will click the Green Add button for our first option: Bacon. Now we have the option to either charge for this modifier, or not. If we don’t enter a price, the Bacon topping will be free of charge. Let’s charge $1 for this item. Once we are done with the Bacon, we will select the Green Add button for the next option: Chives. Chives are free of charge at our restaurant, so we won’t enter a price. Next, let’s add Sour Cream for 50 cents, Cheddar Cheese for 50 cents and Chili for $1. 

4. Once we are done adding our modifiers for this modifier group, we will hit Save in the top right corner.

You have the option to make modifiers product specific or available to everything in your Product Catalog with the "Apply to All Products" toggle. Furthermore, "Single Select" gives you the ability to just select one or multiple options in that Modifier Group when making orders in the application. 


1. Now, let’s see how modifiers appear on the iPad. You must add an item to the Shopping Cart to attach modifiers. After adding an item (Cheese Burger) into the cart, select that item from the cart on the right hand side exactly the same way you would add a discount. Then, simply select the modifiers you want for this item. 

2. Once all modifiers are selected, tap the green Apply in the bottom right corner. The yellow tag on the burger shows it has modifiers on it, and any priced modifiers will appear in the checkout screen with their price under the item to which they are attached.

3. On the tickets screen, modifiers appear directly under the item they are associated with, so the chef knows exactly what goes where.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Teesnap Support by emailing us at or calling 844-458-1032.

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