How do I setup my Remote Kitchen and/or Bar Printer?

With Fulfillment Center Auto Printing, transactions from any iPad that require attention from the kitchen will now be able to automatically print from the kitchen. We have removed the need for use of an iPad in the kitchen for those who still require paper tickets for ordering. Please see attached for the  step-by-step  guide to setup your Ethernet printer and to configure the Auto-Print functionality. 


PLEASE NOTE: That  you  will  need  a  compatible  StarMicronics  printer  with  the  Ethernet module  as  Auto-print  does  not work  over  a Bluetooth connection. You  will  also  need  an  Ethernet  cable  and  access  to  the  Teesnap  Administration  Portal.

Auto-print Printer Needs:

  • USB WiFi Dongle
  • Set up through Ethernet
    • Set up in-house if course provides WiFi info
    • Ship out
  • Requires course's WiFi info
    • SSID (Wireless Network Name)/Passwords
    • Via SFT (secure file transfer) - is this possible? Put in Admin Portal to pass info through?

Applicable models:

  • SP742 CLOUDPRNT - Impact 3" (regular paper)

  • TSP654II (or TSP650II) CLOUDPRNT - Thermal 3" (thermal paper)

For assistance on ordering and setup, please reach out to your Account Manager. 

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